Low net-worth client transfers

Focus your time where it is most effective, while removing a serious regulatory risk in the process.

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Onvestor manage the clients you no longer wish to

Stricter regulation and more focus on high net-worth clients means that having lower-value clients on your book could pose a problem. Not only may they take valuable time, they could pose a significant regulatory risk if they are not being adequately serviced.

Fortunately, however, there is now a solution...

Onvestor can manage these clients for you. Getting them to opt in to a rich, human advice proposition purpose-built for the ‘retail’ end of the market. A proposition from which you can earn income on a revenue-share basis with guaranteed minimum income thresholds over a 2-year period to prevent a cliff-edge in earnings.

For those that don’t opt in we will conduct an audited close-down of the relationship, meaning a 100% solution to your client universe, not a partial one.

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A compelling proposition for you and your clients

Onvestor has engineered a genuine win-win scenario.

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Make money from every single client

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Enjoy 100% regulatory peace of mind

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Build genuine business value

How does the process work?

  1. We orchestrate an organised and efficient transfer of your clients, whether you choose to novate or receive individual opt-ins.
  2. Through letter, phone and email, we attempt to contact each client to transition them smoothly into 'our world' over the next few weeks.
  3. Where a client chooses not to proceed or are unreachable, we formally resign them from our process, allowing you to switch off provider income.
  4. Once opted in, each client receives a professional full advice service, beginning with a free financial review.

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