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Our experienced pension transfer experts work quickly, accurately and efficiently to deliver the very best advice for your clients.

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Transfers, trouble-free

Onvestor’s DB pension transfer service makes the complicated simple.

There’s no shortage of clients looking at the possibility of transferring their DB pension, but that doesn’t mean there’s an exhaustive supply of high-quality firms able to perform this highly specialised task on your behalf.

Fortunately, Onvestor is on hand to provide this service for you.

Our experienced pension transfer experts work quickly, accurately and efficiently to deliver the very best advice for your clients. Read on to find out more.


Navigating a complex jungle

One thing we have learnt from our experience is the importance of keeping things simple, yet at the same time meeting the expectations of our partners and clients. In addition to our full-service model, we have come up with two simple models for DB-only work:

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PTI Advice Model

We do the complete transfer. PTI Restricted client engagement terms which make it clear we only advise on this pension, where we provide both pension transfer and investment advice to the client. Then you and the client decide whether on-going service (and servicing liability) stays with us, or returns to you.

PT Only Model

You do the investments; we do the pension transfer. PT client engagement terms that make the lines of distinction and responsibility clear. We analyse the viability of the pension transfer against your intended destination. That’s it.

Genuine case capacity

Onvestor is geared up to handle a volume of cases accurately and at speed.

We know how to handle complexities at scale; we are not simply an advice firm that decided to “do DB”. We are a carefully constructed firm designed to deliver to the retail market at volume, whilst always keeping the regulator as happy as possible.

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Favourable commercial terms

A clear and competitive pricing structure that delivers real customer value.

Bands, caps, cut-offs... Complex pricing structures lead to complex results, which isn’t always the best thing. So we decided to change all of that. A single Onvestor charge for our full-service partner firms - 1.6% of the transfer value. No other charges to the client or you.

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The model works in a clear and transparent manner. You decide your adviser load, this is then added to our base 1.6% charge to provide a total charge to the client (which we issue). We then pay the agreed loading back to you as an introducer fee. All of this is fully disclosed to the client, keeping them and the regulator happy.

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We can't tell you everything about our DB Pension Transfer process on our website, so we created a brochure. If you'd like to see how our processes work in more detail, please download the brochure below. It contains all the information you'll need.

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